Thursday, 27 June 2013

Heaving and Straining

The day started in a hot and lazy way with everyone lying around and Maria being her normal annoying self - ear tag nibbling is her latest thing.
Lunch time I was up with the sheep and as I looked across I noticed Emily looking pretty restless so went down to have a look and a few minutes later a nose and two feet appeared.  This looked very good so I left her alone for a bit but, on returning, there was much more leg but no more head.  The top of the head was squashed up inside and pushing the nose down the more she strained.  I could not get more than a finger tip inside but eventually, by pushing one leg back a bit and rotating the head I managed to finally get baby out.  It was quite a struggle and involved some hefty heaving but Emily made no fuss about it at all and just stood calmly, albeit with a lot of grunting and straining.  It is a monster of a boy and he was soon on his feet and actually playing with Maria!
Little black one's name is being mulled over - Barbara's suggestion is possibly going to be the one but with a bit of adaption.  I know what I am going to call Emily's!  Now the sun has gone and the rain is back but Maria is busy standing guard!


  1. Ah! Rosemary...That Maria's a real star!
    She looks really lovely....
    HeHe! Don't think she's nibbling....Maybe just whispering!

  2. How good you are, helping do you know what to do? I can't believe that Emily didn't fuss (not after all the theatrics/drugs etc we have during childbirth LOL) :) Lisa