Monday, 17 June 2013

Shorn Sheep

I would like to tell you that the reason I have not blogged is because I have been rushed off my feet, but that would not be true.  The truth of it is I have been a bit worried about something and sadly it has all come to nothing.  We have been a bit busy though, well Carl and Sam have - shearing.  It has really been a case of constantly rearranging things due to the weather but we have succeeded in getting a few ticked off.  I am hoping next Wednesday and the following weekend stay good and then we may have caught up and will be able to finish ours.

Flem's cria is doing very well and does not seem in the least bit bothered by the weather.

I really must think of a name for her.
Sunday, the Shepherd came to shear the sheep.  We managed four and then the heavens opened!  It did clear and we got the rest done early evening but it was heavy going.  They are now worn out!  Don't know why as it was harder for us than for them!  The Shepherd isn't that keen on some of my sheep as they take not a blind bit of notice of the dogs - luckily I called them and they followed me through the race. 
 I was trying to get a photo of Scottie asleep but Two Tone kept standing in the way.

The Blackie's look wonderful now.
And now we are waiting for cria - but this year we are being very patient as I do not want anymore early ones.  Emily is theoretically first.  Earlier in the year I had her on my sale list but then I wasn't sure she was really pregnant so I took her off.  I think she is though but we will just have to wait and see.  It would be her first cria so will be exciting if she is pregnant.


  1. IT'S NAME FLEM'S CRIA TIME.....! :).

    I think she should be called...Maria...!
    It was my Mums middle name, and it's a
    favourite of mine...!!! Ah! Bless!

  2. She looks like a 'Sweetie' to me !! Hope those babies arrive when they should, no more early deliveries ....the sheep look in lovely condition, its nice to see them all wearing their summer best ! Jayne