Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sore eyes

A busy day today and lovely weather - not too hot but hot enough for the animals to get through vast amounts of water.  I had just finished the first round of water delivery and cleaned the shelters when Sam appeared, home from work early.  We had a good go on the halter training and did a bit of a refresher with the halter trained ones from last year.  Then we trimmed a few feet which seem to have had a bit of a growth spurt.

Poor Sherbet has a sore patch coming on her back again, it seems to happen every year, so I put a generous dollop of Sudacrem on as I had run out of Camrosa.  Bert is also suffering with her eyes which get very puffy on the eyelids.  Luckily, she adores having them done so I wiped them with antiseptic wipes and then put cream on them.
In close up you can see they are sore looking.

Sam spent ages rigging up a sprinkler for the girls but the water pressure was not high enough so it barely dribbled out - no one noticed it except Cassie!
Even Sam was not very impressed with his efforts!

Now Sam has gone out to look at some sort of vehicle with a mate, Cal is preparing for shearing in Wales tomorrow and I am  continuing with fleece sorting.  Maria is probably still  rolling - something she discovered with a vengeance today!


  1. Hoity's Toity has eyes exactly the same as Bert. We were so pleased that we had got them healed over winter by feeding her extra zinc but we are back to the start again now the flies are about. She seems to be hypersensitive to them.

  2. Fancy getting that lovely fleece dirty ! ;0) Funny how they find or make a dust bath ....Jayne

  3. Poor Bert, her eyes do look sore in the close-up. Poor Sherbert too! :) Lisa