Sunday, 23 June 2013

Twitter, Twitter, Tweet, Tweet

A rather busy day today.  After all alpacas and sheep were checked (and I had  left Reg wailing at the gate) we had a quick dash home to get changed in order to make it to Belchalwell for a lunch and Auction of Promises in aid of the church.  We ate a really lovely lunch  but then had to dash away before the auction in order to get changed again and dash off to shear a lovely fine black alpaca.  Carl had his eye on a bale of straw at the auction so I was quite glad to drag him off!

I am now tired, particularly as I could not sleep last night and spent a good part of the night investigating Twitter which I still do not really understand.  I tweeted and retweeted some extremely boring information on what I was doing but I am not sure I can now work out how to log back into my tweets (which are not worth looking for as they are hardly cutting edge!).

I feel that tomorrow will be an important day for us so am preparing myself by having an early night!

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  1. Paul is a nightmare at those sort of auctions, we usually come home with 50kg of leeks or something!!