Thursday, 20 June 2013

A communication from the Bat Cave

I am rather scared at the moment!  The dog and cats were going crazy last night which I ignored but when Carl came home tonight he said he had gone down and seen a bat hanging upside down on the stairs - which they must have brought in.  I jumped around and told him to find it but he said it was gone and went to lie down due to his Ear.  I checked and found it asleep by the doorbell - - and now no one will take it out for me, they find it very funny and I do not (mind you there is a bit of crashing going on downstairs so maybe they are sorting it now.  You can just see it tucked up by the door bell thing.

Carl has a bad ear and says there is something in it but I can't find anything.  I have tried flushing it out to no avail and now he is demanding Olive Oil - Extra Virgin - which I do not have.  The only thing I could ind was Green Pepper Tabasco but he is not convinced that is the same thing at all and so Sam has gone to the garage in search for some.

It is pandemonium here!

So a peaceful picture of the boys having a bit of a gossip on a gloomy day.


  1. Maggot oil that should do the trick...seriously remember the rule nothing smaller than your elbow should be poked down your ear!

    1. smaller than your elbow, how do you get that down your ear?!?

  2. Exactly Debbie...don't poke things down your ear full stop!!

    Nurse Barbara

  3. I'm for the maggot oil rather than...extra virgin olive oil is far to good for ears and maybe there is a maggot in there!! If that doesn't work...well might as well try the Tabasco but, follow nurses advice and put it in with your elbow...obviously! Hope the pandemonium dies down soon! (spelt it as you did as I can't be bothered to look it up!)