Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Still with us!

Just a quick update tonight as it is getting late and I must go back to feed the little one again - he is still with us!  I have had to feed him with the stomach tube all day but he is now trying to stand.  He lay out in the sun for most of the day but I put him back in the shelter this afternoon as he seemed to be over heating a bit.  Then, just now, I lifted him up and helped him balance and he tottered over to Crispie and went under her back legs all by himself!  No sucking yet but I am tentatively hopeful.  I had to leave him for a bit this evening as we went to visit, 'A very special Hole' - more on that, with any luck, soon.  Mind you I spent much of the time just before trying to lose a Jack Russel Cross who adopted me and tried to make me throw stones for it.  Despite walking up and down the road at a very brisk pace I could not lose him,  until his owner zoomed up in a rather nice convertible and picked him up.

I have really come upstairs  to get away from Carl and Sam who went silaging last night and cannot stop comparing tractors, gear boxes and the best method of rolling a clamp!

Hopefully there will be photos of the little one tomorrow.


  1. Brilliant Rosemay looking good for the little fella x

  2. All the best for a good outcome! Well done, keep going!