Monday, 10 June 2013

Does my bum look big in ths?

Sadly Little Suri died this morning - well, actually, I was glad he did in the end as he seemed to be developing an ulcer in one of his eyes and I don't think he would have been strong enough to drink from his Mum for a long time and then he may have bonded with me more than her which would have been very bad.  It was a happy release for him.

Reg and I had a long walk round third field to get over it - got to get some better trousers.

I tried to get a nice standing shot of Flem's baby, who does not have a name yet, but she jumps around too much.  Here she is having a wee which is the only time I could get her standing still!

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  1. Oh Rosemary, I am so very sorry about Little Suri. That is so sad, and you did all you could for him. I am glad Flem's baby is doing well though. Poor you :( Lisa