Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello to Maria

Okay, Willie, Maria it is.

Here she is having just annoyed Carolyn who was sound asleep when she jumped over her!

Sam was at home for most of the afternoon so, after moving the sheep, we spent a long time working on the halter training - it is a lot easier with two people!  Dippy and Mick are doing well, Jess is getting there, JJ is not bad at all but Arctic does not want to know and huffs and puffs and leaps around like a crazy thing.


  1. Loving the 'Pom Poms' ..great to get the halter training under way ....Jayne

  2. Thankyou Rosemary....! :).
    I'll have to drag myself out of B'ford..
    And say hello...! Thankyou..! :0).
    She's lovely..

  3. Awww she is indeed LOVELY! I simply love her name...I am wondering if like me she was named after 'Maria' from West side story!!! hehe...I wish her a long and happy life, I really do...with kindest thoughts...Maria x

  4. Maria...Willie yer gotta see her...okay Rosemary you have got me singing and very badly I might add!