Friday, 7 June 2013

Hanging on

I don't feel like my feet have touched the ground properly for the last few days - and not due to my Prancercise.  Premature baby number two (Flem's little girl) is doing well.  She is still wobbly but can kush properly and drink from her Mum.

I think she is going to be fine.

Premature baby number one - Little Suri - is only just hanging on.  He has not got up at all today and when I have tried to make him stand he has gone like a rag doll.  He is mostly still being tube fed although he did have about 50ml from the bottle this morning and a bit more than that last night.  It's a bit of a nuisance as Crispie and Flem hate each other so when I try to put them and their babies in the same filed shelter with pen they create havoc spitting at each other.  The weather was a bit chilly today at times and it rained so I wanted them both in tonight.   We may have to think of some other way of doing it.

No picture of Little Suri yet as he just looks too pathetic and his fleece is a bit patchy in places.

Hopefully, no more premature babies . . . but Lily does look a little odd!

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