Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Did the earth move for you?

Last night I had trouble sleeping (too much to think about) and at one point I thought my days were numbered as I felt a fluttering through my body.  I felt it might be a heart attack so had a quick prayer run through but didn't like to wake Carl to bid him farewell as he was snoring and had already become annoyed as I had punched him in the back to make him stop.  Boring story I know but the interesting thing is, this morning I heard there was an earthquake in Wales at around the same time.  As I am still alive I wonder if I felt the earth move in bed last  night (due to seismic activity - nothing else!)?

The weather is improving a little so Sam and I got the sheep Clicked this afternoon (to guard against fly strike) -  it went well apart from Sam (on purpose) jamming me in the run with a Scottie in front and the massive Stumpy behind - my foot is somewhat flattened.  The improved weather has also cheered up the alpacas - lots of playing from the young boys.  Here are Dippy, Mick and Arctic.
And thank you for asking, Lisa, Reg is doing well!


  1. Oh my!! An earthquake! LOL that Carl slept through it :) Thank you for answering my shearing questions and posting a photo of Reg - he is such a cutie :) Lisa

  2. What a cut photo of the someone getting picked on for wearing fetching ankle socks I wonder?

  3. Reg .. reminds me of Noris !! but slightly smaller ...Norris is now huge !! Jayne