Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Seems a while since I last blogged.  All is well here but we have been chasing our tails a bit trying to do too many different things at once!  Carl and Sam dodged the weather to do a bit of shearing last week - not ours, they are still waiting.  In amongst the alpaca shearing were a few Angora goats and two small herds of sheep.  They do not like doing sheep so Sam is not going to be happy when I tell him we need to crutch ours out tomorrow!  Shearing has not been easy this year due to the weather and we have postponed several bookings so my shearing diary is now a logistical nightmare.  I am hoping to get a few more of ours done this weekend but it is looking increasingly unlikely as I think I have just about left time for Carl to have a shower at 6 minutes past seven on Saturday night!

I have been home alone driving the John Deere in ever decreasing circles tackling my invading docks, poo collecting, zooming home to hoover and place flowers strategically around the house, attempting to halter train on my own and sorting fleece.  This year I have decided to try selling some of the fleece to Ackroyd and Dawson which is fine but I need to sort it roughly by micron and that is challenging for me.  I had my fleece stats back, very quickly (three days and they apologised for the time it took!) and will share them on the blog once I have got to grips with them.  I am pleased with them as they were as expected (with one surprisingly good one) - Yossers and Greeves were great and I am now trying to make sense of the bit showing growth over time.  Initial thoughts are that they have been overfed at some points - but I may be wrong, have to study it more when I have more time.

Church on Sunday evening and the Grave Digger was almost dancing in the aisle  over his 200% lambing (I will not dwell on my lambing at the moment as it has been a complete  disaster).

And I do wish I could share with you something else but there is such a remote likelihood of it happening that I can't!  It is very funny though!  So here is a photo of Arctic instead!
Spot the odd one out!


  1. Excellent photo .... just love the diference and so 'brilliant white' Jayne

  2. I love fleece stats and the variation of micron over the year is so interesting isn't it. We have a female who has a micron of 18 at 5 years and her graph over the year is virtually a straight line ( unaffected by environmental factors) and her daughter at 20 microns is almost the same. Whereas others are obviously gaining micron with increased nutrition. Another column to add to the EBVs!!

  3. Love the last photo LOL!! Hope Reg is doing well? Great news on your fleece results :) Lisa