Wednesday, 1 May 2013

You may not want to read this

This blog  post is not for the squeamish!
Do not read on if you are at all sensitive.

I left the electrocuted lamb with Mum and his brother until the evening and then went with Carl to remove it at night time because I did not want to attract anything to the field.  Mum was still next to it crying and as we took it away we thought - there is something we have to do here, Reg has no Mum and here is a Mum wanting a lamb back.  We have not done this before but we decide to have a go at skinning the dead lamb and putting the skin on Reg.  A bit of a long shot as Reg is a monster, white and three weeks old tomorrow but it seemed a waste not to try.  Skinning went well but getting a little lamb coat on a big lamb was more of a challenge and we had to use a little bailer twine to keep it on.  Reg didn't seem to mind.  Mum was a little shocked her lamb had miraculously grown so much and she is a little suspicious - which I am not surprised about! 
Sadly the coat stretched so much the tail bit pinged off which gave Mum a bit of a shock and was not ideal but there is quite a bit of back end stuff although it is hanging round the side a bit.  This morning she let Reg drink while she was eating and he had a full tummy so must have drunk in the night.  Later I stood with her and she let him drink but she does butt him off a bit.  We'll make the pen smaller and give it a little longer and see how it goes.  He is sleeping up next to her and her original lamb is fine so there is hope.

. . . and Sam is very happy as he bought himself a quad!


  1. We, well Paul skinned one of the blackies last year but mum wasn't fooled, however I think we probably took the dead lamb away too soon. Fingers crossed for Reg.

  2. Well done Rosemary, at least for Reg, it is a great outcome.

  3. Sorry to hear you lost a lamb, but hopefully Reg will benefit! I am suprised he wore his new coat! :) Lisa