Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Samples to Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

Today I have been getting my fibre samples organised to send of to Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing.  Only the first few to go and it would be better financially to wait until I have them all but I am too impatient for that.  I have remembered to put them in paper envelopes this time and not plastic bags and I have curbed myself from sending almost an entire fleece in each sample this time!  A finger size sample is what it says and a finger size sample (quite fat fingers) is what Trevor Selby is getting!  I am interested this year to see the report which shows the micron change over time.  Last year it was really interesting but I had no record of which paddocks they were in or what and when I was feeding.  This year I am hoping to be able to look at it and compare it with feeding and whether the paddock had Grasstrak and so on - interesting!

I am also hoping I will be able to understand the statistics more - and of course that at least one or possible two are really exciting statistics (for me, anyway!)  Hopefully the results will be quick - last year they were phenomenally quick and I am not expecting that sort of speed this year as they are very busy and there are lots of shows going on.  They are in the post - just got to be patient now!

No photos today due to lack of time and lots of drizzle.


  1. Rosemary, Australia Post are sooooo slow. Just getting a letter posted across the country can take a week (and is hugely expensive)! I can't wait for your results either, it will be very interesting to know what you are feeding you herd and the difference that it makes to the fleece results. Good luck :) Lisa

    1. I know, Lisa, but they have a gentleman in the UK you post the samples to and then you get the results by email. Last year was fantastically quick but this year I anticipate it being a bit slower as it is our National Alpaca Show this weekend.

    2. Well that MUCH better than relying on Aust Post LOL!! It also may be slow as we have National Alpaca Week in Australia this week :)

  2. Can't believe that you have been shearing ...already, its raining up here tonight ....Jayne