Monday, 27 May 2013

And . . . relax!

Well, we have survived another weekend of shearing!  My back is fine despite lugging big boys around and Carl and I only had one minor tiff when I wasn't sufficiently on the ball with passing the oil for the clippers.  We still have lots of ours to do but we are getting there.  Next weekend is 'serious cracking on', as Carl puts it, in order to try and finish all of ours.  I have my doubts as I have already booked some in for next weekend.
I was hoping to get the fleece sorted as we went but the wind was pretty strong today and the garage is full of cars which are all jacked up being welded.  The barn was a wind tunnel so that was out and the garage was full.
It is now time to relax and catch up for half an hour before the start of another week.  Carl and Sam have been away shearing all day today and Sam has now disappeared again to do some sort of deal over something with a mate of his, all very mysterious!


  1. LOL, they look very cute!! I love their socks :) How did you learn to shear them? Was it easy? Do you tie them down (as they do here) or use a table? And...(full of questions this morning) is Reg doing? :) Lisa

    1. Carl and Sam went on a course to learn shearing. It is physically quite hard with all the bending and it does take a bit of practice - speed is also an issue at first! We tie them down as you do.
      Reg is fine - but a real monkey, he likes to follow me around and jumps in the Mule every chance he gets!