Saturday, 25 May 2013


I am in the middle of what I think of as shearing hell at the moment.  I am trying to coordinate Carl and Sam shearing, not very successfully, whilst trying to avoid putting myself in as handler, not very successfully!  They have been off shearing today and somehow I have managed to make bookings for tomorrow morning which involve me handling (Sam is working all day)  - this is likely to finish my back off for good as we also have to do some of ours in the afternoon.  Never mind, I am sure one day I will become fitter.   Tomorrow I hope this little group will all be sheared.  Despite moaning I am looking forward to it as there are a few there who are I am not totally convinced are pregnant and it will be nice to see if it is all fleece or if they are starting to look larger. 

Carl has been lurking with The Shepherd this evening, playing with the Shepherd's new toy - a comb and cutter sharpener.  We now have lots of lovely resharpened combs and cutters ready to use.  Sam is rolling around on the floor complaining his tummy is really heavy - I think he has eaten too much chocolate.


  1. Good luck with the shearing and your back Rosemary! I have been working out, trying to keep strong to manage the 'pacas...we have a husbandry weekend next weekend (I'm so very glad we only have 16) :) Lisa

  2. Hope the back survives the shearing... we've had ONE day of sunshine yesterday !! But then the flies came out to spoil it !! Back to cooler weather now, its great to see the alpacas sheared and looking sleek for the summer .. if it ever arrives ..... Jayne