Monday, 6 May 2013

Shearing Phase One

Phase one of shearing completed!  And it was very hot!  Quite uncomfortably hot actually but we only had seven on the list to do so it was fine.

First up was Cool Dude who took it all in his stride but insisted on occasionally lifting his head (despite the neck bag) to check Carl was getting it right!
And very happy he is now that he is naked!  He immediately rolled so is no longer gleaming!
I was on clearing up duties so I didn't manage to get proper shots of everyone.  I'll be out with the camera next week for better shots of the boys - who look lovely!  Harry cried all the way through but was very good about having his rather lethal fighting teeth done - and he looks gorgeous, a lovely blue black.  Yosser took it all in his stride and looks wonderful.  Alf was the real surprise - he just shines and gleams.  Here are all the boys after shearing.  Just so elegant!

And little Greeves is beautiful!  He is the one who has just been sheared!
Even the youngsters were very calm about it all - although Arctic did look a little nervous when Carl got stuck into his top knot!

As usual everyone was amazed at the 'new' alpacas appearing in their paddocks!  There are a couple of sheared ones in there somewhere!
Must go and get the fleece out of my clothing now as it has worked it's way in everywhere!


  1. Looking good!

    I'm not surprised the youngsters were calm as I was very impressed when Carl sheared Truly for me last year. He not only did a fantastic job but was very relaxed and gentle with her. I don't think her first time could have been any less stressful, I'm very grateful.

  2. Your post has made our alpacas are very jealous as they can't wait to take their winter coats off! Trouble is, after several "bad hair days" following our attempts to DIY, they refuse to allow us to do it again ourselves! They also think we take far to long so asked us to leave it to the experts in future!!

  3. I just laugh so much once they are sheared...they are just so skinny!! I also laugh at how much the others' check them out, like they're new to the herd. You say 'elegant' which is much nicer, and I am sure your lot are :) I love their tufty ankles on some photos :) Lisa