Monday, 31 October 2011

This is no ordinary drama, this is an Aylett drama

WELL!  I would love to tell you all what is going on here - but I am afraid I can't!  Suffice to say it is a bit of a nightmare.  Jeff posted a comment asking how I coped and I have to say I am about to not cope terribly well!

Today started well with the rounds of the animals, all fine, and a chat with The Somerset weather woman (the other day I told her I was going to do some poo picking and she told me to hurry up as it would rain at 3pm - I pottered on, lovely sunny weather, and dead on 3pm the clouds opened!).  I cleaned all kitchen cupboard and stacked up the rest of the stuff to move - then things began to go horribly wrong!

At that point I gave up on the house and went to see the animals who were all wet and dirty, but quite content.
The dog and cats are the ones who are getting most concerned.  Amber, the dog, is constantly shaking and the cats spend their time looking out the window but not actually going out.


  1. You'll look back on this fraught time and laugh...well I hope you do anyway! Thinking of you and hoping all goes well with the move.

  2. As the nightmare is a mystery...not sure how to give any reassurance...but you have reminded me that I need to do some food shopping at M & S!

  3. I have my fingers crossed....!! everything crossed actually...hoping that D Day and the move is just a temporary thing.....and that the drama is soon over !!.....Jayne

  4. I'm with you with the not coping thing! I'm good at looking like I'm coping but things are almighty stressful at the minute here.

    Good luck, I'm thinking about you.


  5. We so hope that things will get better Rosemary!!