Sunday, 16 October 2011

Killing ropes

A very nice day here, if a bit hectic.  First thing it was off to pay a visit to help with some toenails and a bit of handling where we met a couple of very sweet cria including a lovely black boy with a great fleece.  It was then a rush back to take Sam over to Milborne.  Whilst we are out, Sam had filled the bowser for me as it had got very low.  Despite the time of year the girls are still enjoying paddling with Bert and Lina being the worst.
Lina has been one extremely stroppy alpaca today and all because I wanted to weigh little Axle.  I didn't want to get them all down to the barn so Carl and I used the rope to take them into a corner and then catch Axle - Lina screeched and leapt around and then when Carl put the coil of rope on the ground while he went to fix the hayrack (which Sherbert had loosened by rubbing on it yesterday), she attacked the rope!  She pounced on it, kicked it, spat at it, knelt on it - shame I didn't have a camera!


  1. That nasty rope !! how dare it catch her baby ! Hope Axle was up to weight after all the drama !.......Jayne

  2. We use a blue rope and ours appear to treat it with respect!! Maybe a touch of blue is the answer?