Monday, 3 October 2011

Heatwave? In October?

It is so hot again today I can't believe it is October.  I have a plague of flies in the bedroom who seem to have set up home in the curtains, the milk has gone off where I forgot to put it in the fridge and I am constantly filling waters as if it were high summer.  The alpacas are quite lively despite the weather.  Alf has now settled in his separate pen and, apart from occasional posturing between him and Dude, calm now reigns.  The dust bowl is very popular, with someone always either lying in it, rolling in it or just standing in it.  Here is one of the Dudettes with Striker behind and little Axle right at the back.
Now it is Striker's turn to lie down while Yossarian, as usual, picks a fight in the background!

Finally, a bit of  rolling while Striker does a bit of standing - and Yossarian chases everyone else out of shot!
I have had to come in now to put things in boxes and make numerous phone calls so it is all go here!


  1. It looks a picture of summer down there...the cria are looking great...good luck with the packing (It seems like everyone is building, moving, or both at the moment!)

  2. Good to hear your news again, tried to post the other day but it wouldn't let me! Think my "technician" may have it sorted now!

  3. Good to hear your news after such a long time! Hope all is ok. Having trouble leaving comments...why is this stuff sooo complicated??!!

  4. Having trouble commenting..not sure why! Glad to hear your news after so long!
    Judi (La Grand-Mere)

  5. Boxes boxes everywhere, it's crazy here to. We haven't got the nice sunshine you have though.