Thursday, 27 October 2011

I know, I'm moaning!!!

Life is a little frustrating at the moment and I feel like having a major tantrum - plotting evil revenges and generally being horrible - but no, despite the rain I shall write this and go and commune with soggy alpacas for the rest of the afternoon in order to get a little PEACE!!!!!

Just an update on what is happening here first -
1.  Aunty Islay is turning into a monster.  I remember this happened last year with Greeves when she suddenly decided Greeves was her baby and no one else was allowed near him!  Yesterday she decided to do the same with Trouble, my little bottle fed.  When I went to feed her yesterday afternoon she charged over, ears back and actually spat at me!  I had to retreat and feed her through the fence.  I am going to have to remove some of the babies early - not that it matters much with Trouble.
2.  The camera has been packed and I cannot find it - so no photos again.
3.  My charitable giving hit an all time low when I accidentally donated to   the wrong website and not only can I not get it back (understandable and fair enough) but the website it went to was incredibly rude and obnoxious.  I have now given up trying to sort that one out and will have to redonate directly and not through the Just Giving website once my next animals sale goes through.
4.  Sam's moped would not run right so we ended up buying him another and today - his first day going to work on it - it would not start!!
5.  Somehow I have succeeded in packing the password to the website - which I cannot remember - and I cannot log on to change and update (plus the shop has disappeared).
6.  Sadly, I have not lost the iron nor the hoover not the floor mop.
7.  BT have no problem switching the line and the broadband is no problem to reactivate in the new house - what is a problem is the timescale which is indeterminate.  So, at some point, there may be a break in the blog due to a lack of connectivity.  And if I don't answer emails for a day or two that will be why.
7.  Mostly everything else is now packed.  Even Sam's room shows some sort of order and the carpet is clear- which is a first.

So, all in all everything is going as well as can be expected just longing for the new stage of our lives to begin, whatever that new stage might be!!


  1. Fingers crossed that the new stage is a bit less frustrating to say the least...I feel tired for you!

  2. It seems so unfair but I have to an earth do you cope Rosemary?

  3. It will be all worth it in the end !!..Hang on in amongst the chaos !!......honest !!....Jayne