Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sleepy cat

Not a great deal to say today and I nearly didn't blog but I don't fancy anymore boxes tonight and Cruella has taken over so I thought I might as well!
I poo collected amidst showers of hail - it has certainly turned colder (hope it's better up with you, Debbie!).  Trouble has gone off her bottle and hardly had anything today.  I have a feeling my coat may not have helped, she is not used to me wearing a oat and I think it put her off a bit.  Tomorrow the coat will have to come off for feeding.

Sam's moped has finally been mended and he has tried it out tonight.  He drove up through Delcombe and then down to the garage for fuel (I think he felt pretty proud of himself!).  Tomorrow he rides it to work for the first time and he has strict instructions to text me when he gets there!


  1. Sorry Trouble is off her Ebony has just had her night time "cocoa" and took it with little rsistance...we just need it to translate into extra kilos now!

  2. It's dry but very cold here today Rosemary. Been to look at a replacement home today, this one has heating!