Sunday, 9 October 2011

Poor Flem and Cuddly Bert

A very busy day today!  I didn't manage to get any photos as the camera had run out of battery power - so here is one from last week!

Dylan with Harry and Greeves behind him
We had a lot of alpaca chores to catch up on so boxes had to wait.  Sam and Carl got all the sheep drenched with their wormer first thing (sorry, I have to confess I got up late!).  I was then supposed to take Sam over to Milborne Port - but the car wouldn't start.  Investigation by Carl showed the problem was I had accidently knocked the fuel cut out thingy off whilst manically hoovering the car yesterday (a rare occurance).  Once that was sorted - took a while to sort out where the switch was - Sam got to Milborne Port!

We then did some, worming, vitamin Ds and lots of toenails and body scores.  The girls were not terribly well behaved which seems usual for them at this time of year - subsequent spit offs showed they may all be pregant which is good.  Bianaca spat like a demon so possibly the antibiotics etc have done the trick.  Very pleasingly (a phrase I hate as it was a favourite one with an Ofsted inspector I knew in a previous life!) Prue spat beautifully, as did Little Star so might be the patter of little Jed feet next year!  In fact everyone spat - even Bert.  Bert was the only impeccably behaved alpaca for foot trimming and this is usually not the case.  Bert is lovely- until you try to pick up her feet.  She spits, sits, tucks her feet under her and screecehes - not to day!  She did not spit - she did sit but obligingly put her feet out - she moaned ecstatically when I tickled her under her chin, gave me a kiss and was generally lovely!  I fully expected her to drop like a stone for Dude - but no, she turned into a she monster when he got near!  Strange alpaca!

I am afraid Flem has a jaw abscess which I noticed as soon as I held her for Carl to do her feet.  It is very hard at the moment so we'll give her some antibiotics to start with and see if we can soften it up with something.  She hasn't lost weight or gone off her food but I need to get that sorted out.


  1. We did all our toenails and chores too on Friday but all, except Chica, were angels! As only 2 have been mated, we expected good behaviour from most so maybe Chica is pregnant so we forgave her! She and her mother hate toenails whilst pregnant...better pregnancy test than a spit-off!

  2. Well you have been busy!! Toenail cutting is not my favourite job but ours are due soon too!

  3. We had good results using a long course of Nuflor for an abscess.

  4. Oh.....poor Flem....those abscesses are nasty, hope it soon goes......toes....are on my to so list also !!.......Jayne