Thursday, 6 October 2011

Axle's bottom problem!

The wind is still strong today with intermittent showers  - a real change from a few days ago.  I have started to worry about Axle, Lina's baby.  Yesterday he was straining quite a bit and not producing anything.  This morning he was still straining and by 10am a compact poo was beginning to emerge.  Like a small tortoise it continued to creep out with Axle straining, eating and walking around.  By 12 it was beginning to look most odd and Axle was beginning to walk oddly so I donned the rubber gloves and gave him a hand.  He looks a little better but I fear there is still more to come and it is not heading out easily!  If anyone has any suggestions on what to give him to soften it all up I would be grateful!
The poor little soul also has runny, sticky eyes which I think is due to the wind - I remember Greeves also had it when he was little.  As you can see he is still little, that is Tilbo behind him, but he will not have any bottle top up and, despite being small, he is nice and rounded on his back.
I am blogging early as we have a busy evening which involves boxes of various descriptions!


  1. Sometimes you only need to read the title of a blog to know who the author will be!

  2. Liquid parafin worked a treat for Spadicious, email or rind me if you want more info.

    I too am on box partol hence no blog last night.