Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Feeding Frenzy

Still windy and a bit chilly but not really October weather here.  The grass is still looking good - despite a few persistent docks and thistles.
Dude is much happier now he is back in end paddock.  He likes to be high enough to look down on everyone else!
He just dashes down when he wants his tea - something which didn't go quite to plan last night.  I fed Dude and then went to feed the boys who were very excited and rushed to the gate by Dude's pen.  Normally I feed them at the other end near the girls and they give Dude a wide birth.  Last night they were so excited about their food they forgot he was there and Spike started eating from my hand - Dude charged over, screeching reared up at the fence and had a real funny 5 minutes!  As soon as I stopped feeding Spike he calmed down - strange!

Spent a frustrating day waiting for an important phone call that never came, knitting and communing with boxes!


  1. Yes you have the same lush grass as us...difference is it does feel like October here...hope the phone rings soon!

  2. Those big boys are very protective and definatelt do not approve of to much fraternisation by the peers...especially with humans!!

  3. We could do with some of your lush grass here despite the persistent drizzle we are currently getting!