Sunday, 23 October 2011

Shed Clearing

Firstly, sorry for no photos - I have misplaced the camera.  We had a major attempt to finish clearing Carl's shed - and it is very difficult.  He refuses to throw anything away - old bits of pipe, planks of wood, rusty screws, parts for bikes he sold years ago, an old tractor seat, carpet from two houses ago - all will, apparently, come in useful one day.  It shows how often he actually looks at half of it as there were three full bottles of Stella Artois in one of his tool chests.

I sloped off with Sam and did a bit of body scoring and a surprise mating to a female I thought was definitely pregnant with a boy I hadn't used before - we'll see next year!

The sheep are waiting for the arrival of The Shepherd's ram.  He is down in the village at the moment but should be up soon.  Sam has, I think, agreed to give me one of his black ewes in exchange for all the looking after while he is now at work.  I am torn between number 6, number 8 and number 32 - all of whom are super friendly and like a little back scratch and a bit of hand feeding.  I am hoping to find a few more Southdowns to swell numbers but The Shepherd is having a job locating any for me at the moment.

I also did a good bit of poo picking - the poo picker is holding on with the aid of a bit of tape. I was a bit shocked to hear the price of new pipes so am trying to make this last as long as possible.

After all the activity we went to Mum's for dinner this evening and head the most superb bit of beef I have had for a long time.  It came from The Gentleman Farmer and was very tender.


  1. Sounds like an episode of Downton Abbey ....down there....rumblings in the tool shed....romance and a evening dinner fit for a 'Toff' .......looking forward to the next chapter....!!......Jayne

  2. An old tractor seat could come in hand one day, in fact one would come in very handy here, our tractor seat is a very sorry sight!