Sunday, 2 October 2011

GWR Part 2

Just a bit more on the GWR yesterday!  It was good fun and I learnt a lot from Dominic Lane's commentary as he judged.  I think the board at the back with samples of fleece Dominic had handed round was a good touch as it gave a chance to really view the fleece.

Andy wielded his Nanette with vigour at the start of the show (a strange thing with a weird aroma which Andy replaced carefully in it's box after each flourish) and was thanked profusely for his efforts by the judge at the end.  Dominic Lane was his usual suave self and coped with the two minor hiccups which occurred with excellent humour.

 I heard good reports on the yarn side of the show and saw the samples which were superb - but, sadly, I missed the actual judging due to needing to drink and sit down because of my feet (Carl said my sandals were too disreputable so I suffered all day in socks and shoes).  The heat meant we were flagging by the boxes by the end of the day but despite this clearing up went swiftly.

We were very pleased with our wins - a first for Lily, the suri, a first and white colour champion for Alf and (really exciting) a third for Little Star (Bert's baby - the bottle fed) and a first for Dylan (the brown).  I was going to put Alf's sash on him  but he has had a bad day and has ended up in solitary confinement.  His fighting has been getting worse since he started matings.  He used to fight Harry and Dylan but they didn't fight back much - Harry is a pacifist and Dylan is a lover not a fighter - but today he turned on Greeves.  Greeves looks cute and cuddly and smaller than  the others but he does not back down if anyone picks on him.  Alf is bigger and stronger and it was getting nasty with Alf on top of Greeves and shrieking from both of them.  This was stirring Dude up who was trying to beat the fence down with his front legs so enough was enough and Alf is now sulking and pacing!

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  1. Great results at the GWR....Congratulations....sounds like a very hot, busy day.....the boys can be a bit of a pest sometimes........Jayne