Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Day Of Firsts

A day of firsts today -

I managed to work out why the Poo Picker was not picking up as well as it should with no assistance - split in the pipe.

Harry ate out of my hand for the first time - until Spike chased him away.

Sam went of to work on his moped for the first time - then he came back 5 minutes later as it still was not running right!


  1. We had to have a new pipe for the poo picker recently, it was far too expensive so hopefully you will find a cheaper replacement than we did.

  2. Hope Sam got there and back safe and sound .....and that the moped is running smoothly now......Jayne

  3. We are on our third pipe costing £100 per time...we have banned Craig (son-in-law) from helping, as he always seems to be the cause!!

  4. We're still using our first bucket and shovel and they were very cheap!!