Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Well, no pictures today I am afraid as I just have run out of time.  I have been getting the GWR results onto the website which was a strange experience as the website disappeared for a while and then, very oddly, I kept being redirected to a different place - most intriguing!  Anyway I am nearly sorted although the pages currently appear to be in the wrong order but possibly not for much longer.
All this was interrupted by many wheeling dealing phone calls which I fear have come to naught but it was all very jolly, a trip out to view a couple of boxes (talking of boxes I now have a 'Box Buddy' which is something everyone who is moving should have!), packed the solitary cardboard box we possess.

Carl and Sam, are now removing a carburetter from an abandoned quad to put on Sam's moped which could mean he is soon fully mobile.  This will be a good thing as I am still taking him and collecting him which is a bi of a pain with baby feeding.  Not that I mind really as he is so keen to go to work (and is getting later and later getting home as he feeds the calves before he leaves and today was doing a bit of milking as well.  Ahh, I hear the revving of a moped!!

And thank you Judi for the plethora of comments!!


  1. Whoops...sorry Rosemary..technology eh! As my posts just disappeared, I thought they'd been lost! Sooo sorry! I'll see what happens as I try to post this....here goes..

  2. So its good news...for the packing and boxes....just got to sort out the logistics !!...Sam sounds like he is enjoying his job......I think you are going to be very busy...in the next few months !!.......Jayne