Friday, 11 November 2011

Here I am again!

Finally, about 10 minutes ago, the broadband started working and so here I am again.  I have no idea what has been going on in the land of bloggers as I have been unable to read anything - shortly I will be catching up!  Happily, this means my furtive lurking in bushes is now over - probably not wise to explain that one to the world!
We have now, finally, moved into the rental house - it was quite a drama but we won't go there at the moment!  The rental house is okay.  It has a Raeburn - I keep calling it an aga but have now discovered it isn't.  It makes the house very warm and is great for drying clothes as it has a pull up clothes rack over it but cooking meals is something of a challenge  A miniscule piece of gammon went in at 12 and was just ready at 7pm - the sausages took all night!  Potatoes we ended up eating for breakfast and I fear I must be doing something wrong!  The cats are shut in the conservatory which they hate and Cruella appears to becoming a little depressed but I can't let her out as the road outside is quite busy. 

On top of the drama of moving we had an alpaca drama on the Friday night which is luckily now sorted, in a way.  It is very odd being further from the animals and means I have to plan everything very carefully, particularly with the bottle feeding.

Anyway, we are back on line so now I must catch up on blogs and read the emails - proper blog with photos tomorrow.


  1. It's great to have you back Rosemary, we missed you.

    Rob n Les

  2. It's the Raeburn...not you...good to hear all's reasonably well!

  3. Snap....I've been off line for two weeks. Finally the new router came from Sky.
    Funny the things you miss...And l've missed your Blog Rosemary...Pussy-cats and all....! :).

  4. Good to have you back Rosemary!
    A tip for cooking potatoes...bring to the boil on the hottest top plate, simmer for 5 minutes, drain and pop the pan into the simmering (coolest) oven and leave for at least 45 minutes. You can go off and do your chores and come back and mash them! I think the older Agas and Raeburns are cooler than the new ones but it just means getting everything in ahead of time! Once you get used to it, you'll love it!

  5. Good to hear you are back Rosemary.