Thursday, 24 November 2011

The daftest woman around - probably!

I cannot believe how stupid I am sometimes - all day searching for the raddle, wondering around with pen and paper writing down the ear tags of anyone Rammy looked keen on - only to have Sam tell me amongst howls of laughter, that Rammy never has had a raddle on this year - The Shepherd painted his chest in the manner of The Victorian Farm!  I could have sworn he had a raddle on - and I spend a lot of time looking at him - ah well!  I think his painted bit has worn off anyway as no one else is getting marked, even number 10 despite me seeing him get on her.

Having made that mammoth mistake I have been keeping a low profile today - spending a lot of time on the telephone and the computer!


  1. I toyed with using the paint stuff on Wesley but thought the chalk on the raddle would last longer as I knew we'd never get hold of him a gain to top it up!

  2. Whoops're brain is clearly on overload and telling you to take a day off!