Monday, 28 November 2011

Sorting by Size

This morning there was ice on the troughs - first time this year.  It was only thin ice but shows it is getting a bit colder.  Of course back at the rental house it was much milder and there wasn't the strong wind that I had on the hill.

Yesterday we did a bit of sorting out of alpacas and I have now split the girls into the skinny ones and the fatties.  The skinnies are on the best grass with extra rations and the fatties are sulking!  Bianca is particularly annoyed about having a little less food and having to walk up hill to get it - in fact her double chin  went into serious wobble and her gigantic thighs trembled as she shook the earth pounding her way up hill!

Dude is seriously happy as he is now at the top of the hill with girls in whichever direction he looks!
I caught myself this morning planning who to mate to next year - not even got these babies out yet!  Trouble is I am longing to try out Greeves - even if he does need a step ladder!


  1. Exactly the same here; planning next year's matings...I think it is the same every November... when next year's births seem so far away.

    Dude is looking good in his prime position!

  2. As we don't have the space to seperate our fatties from our skinnies full-time, feed times have to be very well controlled! The skinny mum, and her cria, plus tiny Ebony and her mum are enticed into the hangar for their big bowls, leisurely pace and fattening puddings! The fatties are out in the paddock with meagre bowlfuls..and lots of grumbling and longing stares over the gate! Then in between the fatties and more "needy" are Josephine and her mum as Josephine would distract everyone in her effort to play! Needless to say mealtimes take a while to organise...good job we only have a small herd!!