Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tiger Feet

The girls are getting used to the new routines and as soon as they hear the Mule start up there is an expectant charge to the gate - whether it is feeding time or not.  I can always pick out Bert from miles away as she is the one with the red ear tag which looks rather like a fetching little bow!
I have decided that, this weather, long distance shots are probably for the best!  The chickens also quick off the mark when they sense feed might be around.
Tracks all muddy again so I am back into sideways sliding on the top corner - mind you, since I have had the new tyres it does not happen so often.  The worst of mud is that it gets everywhere and the more you try to scrape it off the more it just gets distributed elsewhere.


  1. If you think that is muddy you should see the hill!!

  2. We know exactly what you mean Rosemary!