Saturday, 12 November 2011

Four Candles?

I did say we would have  a photo today, and we have but it is not very good I am afraid as, despite having found the camera, I can't find the memory card.  This was taken on Sam's phone.  Tilbo and Striker, together as usual!

And, on the subject of losing things, I have lost all but three forks.  Life is incredibly tedious with only three forks.  It is surprising how many forks you can us in a day! (Talk of forks always makes me remember the sketch with, I think, The Two Ronnies in the shop - makes me smile!).

We have been doing toenails and vitamin D injections today, along with moving a few of the animals around.  Toe nails were no fun at all in the mud, I really want a proper concrete yard!    Flem's abscess is still weeping and I gave it several good squeezes today which got a lot of the remaining mess out.  I will give it another good go tomorrow.

And thank you for the tip, Judi - Roast chicken and potatoes tonight which was all done at the same time, although I did start it at 1pm just before going back to complete toenails!

1 comment:

  1. Yep, your quite right Rosemary....
    The Two Ronnies....Fork handles....Meaning four candles...Best comedy sketch ever....! :)>