Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Rammy has been busy

The weather has certainly turned colder - on the hill!  At the rental house it is pretty mild outside and subtropical in the house.  We tried out the woodburner the other day but had to then open all windows due to the heat.  On the hill it is back to coats, jumpers and, the only thing that keeps my feet warm, alpaca socks.  The flower lady is busy knitting more so I can get the shop going again (it disappeared in the move and I have decided to start again).

The Ram has been very busy and I have lots of red marks on various sheep from the Raddle.  For each sheep it is a faint, tasteful mark - except Stumpy who looks like she has been in a road accident!  Even looking at her from the front you can see a red bottom - here she is with Teddy at the front, Little Pugsly and George behind, then Stumpy with her lamb following and Number 32 the only black one in the picture.
Even Grace has had an assignation with the Ram.  He looks far too big for her but The Shepherd says it will be fine.

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