Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Midget?

Another murky, grey damp day today and all alpacas are looking like drowned rats!

I keep thinking Greeves is still tiny - Here is a rear end view - the only way Greeves would face today.
Here is his best friend, Harry - a perfectly normal size alpaca -

And here they are together.  Greeves is looking a much better size now I think and it is partly my imagination that makes him seem such  midget!


  1. You should look at Minimus, now he is a midget, he looks like he's escaped from the weanlings field!

  2. Grieves obviously doesn't like his photo taken then!...but he looks perfectly conformed from the rear...he went through a lot to get that big!

  3. That "midget" is positively gigantic in comparison to our tiddler, Ebony...I suppose boys all want to be big whereas most girls prefer not to be. However, it's good to see him going strong...spurs us on in the "early hours" with those bottles!