Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Getting in the spirit

I woke up in a very happy mood today, for no apparent reason and despite the fact that I am no longer on the property ladder.  I decided to embrace the mud today (not literally) and revel in  its multi-faceted splendour!  I was not even dismayed when some of my Christmas decorations got splattered and fell off (I have festooned the Mule for the festive season - rather early I know).  I would like to recommend a blogger competition for the most festive field shelter but maybe that is not wise from a health and safety aspect (not sure whether I mentioned Carl's current preoccupation with Bonn Mots?  Apologies if you already know this but his current one, an old favourite, is 'Clean as you go' which is highly annoying but marginally better than 'Strive to Improve'!).
So here is my festive Mule - I shall wait a little before unveiling the festive field shelter (well, I haven't done it yet).  It did look a bit better at the start of the day.
The cats have now settled down and have started going outside.  They don't go out much, in fact they rather turn their noses up at outside at the moment - no where as much fun as the field.  They do like exploring the house though, particularly Little Wee who has a fascination with leads and the log pile!
Yes, the table is really a plant stand and it is in sore need of a polish.


  1. Don't forget to leave the sun roof open on the mule Rosemary on Christmas Eve, so Santa can get in.....
    Made me laugh to-day....I was coming back from Shaftesbury...Caught up a very dirty and mucky Ford Transit...On the back doors were written, in the dirt.....'I wish was my wife was as dirty as this'.
    When l stopped laughing, l managed to overtake...! :).

  2. Festive alpaca shelters there's a thought, go for it Rosemary! Feel sure our girls would love it and no doubt Josephine will help by pulling all of the decorations out of the box! (She pinched a rubber glove from my pocket the other day before I spotted her wondering what she should do with it now!)

  3. let the competition we have a closing date?...Magellan will ask for sure!