Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Can't think of a decent blog title!

A bit colder today but nice and dry and sunny at times.  This was a relief as it was getting very difficult to get out of the field gate due to the mud. 

Having got over my sulk regarding dirty alpacas I tried again but this time for cria photos - they looked a little less muddy but still rather damp!  Here is Yossarian at the front with The Slink looking out of the shot and Striker behind.  The two Dudettes are milling around at the side.
We did debate taking the tips off the cria fleece this year but time ran away with us with the house move.  I think next year we might have an experimental go as they do seem to harbour so much vegetation in the first fleece.
Striker is looking more of a baby Dude every day!

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  1. Thats better...lovely fluffy alpacas...Striker looks like he will have a lovely fleece in there...next challenge fleece shots!