Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports

Very windy today and the feed bucket blew out of my hand - full of feed of course - and careered down the hill, chased by Bianca (one way of getting her to run I suppose!).  The sheep were very naughty.  It is good to have them very friendly most of the time but when I am taking hay in and they are all pushing and shoving me it is not quite so pleasant - I ended up drenched and in the mud!  I was told that if you smile at sheep they like it so have been grinning inanely at them for a while now.  I am not sure if that has made them very friendly or it is just that they are so used to me but they do stare at me in a very quizzical fashion.

I took pity on Trouble this afternoon, the bottle fed, as it was so horrible in the fields.  I made her up a little bottle but she only really drank half of it.  I think she just likes a bit of a chat every now and again!

The worst thing of all at the moment is the mud - acres of it - and I have lots of toenails that need doing.  This is what I dream of at the moment not a Veyron, it would only get stuck in the mud,  http://barnacre-alpacas.blogspot.com/2011/11/counting-sheep.html !!!
A barn with a concrete floor!


  1. Rosemary so glad Trouble still enjoys those little "chats"...maybe that's what Ebony thinks the bottle is about and she doesn't like to chat! That mud hasn't reached us yet, still ok but I can see it starting...one day, we too will have a concrete barn floor ..but...who knows when??? Love your blogs, they make me laugh!

  2. I've got to be honest Rosemary I can't wait to use our concrete floor, we have been dreaming about having one for four years now!

    As for friendly sheep, our original pet lambs which are big fat sheep now are much easier to deal with (albeit naughty at times) than our new 'wild' sheep.

  3. We have concrete floors Rosemary and toe nail trimming is still a messy job...I'd swap the floor for your southern summer any day!

  4. The mud is a nightmare!! thankfully we now have concrete floors, it is a lot easier, although still gets quite mucky, but at least your not getting stuck in the mud, falling over and getting it everywhere.

    And instead of peeing and pooing outside on the grass they all do it on the concrete hard-standing outside the barn before they all wander off up the field, and this makes it a lot easier to pick up the poo (just looks a bit messy first thing)