Monday, 14 November 2011

Alpacas in the mist

I got a wee bit fed up today and I'll show you why - filthy alpacas in the mist!
Camera card found I decided I wanted a nice shot of some of the mums - but look at them!  They are filthy and milling about aimlessly.  No one posed properly - Sherbert is yawning, Prue is showing off her weird blue eye, Axle looks like a midget alpaca, fat Bianca has muddy legs.  I was going to do a bit of looking at fleece to work out who would win the prize of having the most guard hair - part of my new breeding programme (I don't mean I am breeding for guard hair - although I think I could be quite good at it with some of them!).  I gave up though and depressed myself further by coming home to look at other people's shiny, clean alpacas!

Before I did come home I investigated a bit of a situation with the field gate - I think the padlock has been tampered with - interestingly, there was an abandoned car being towed out of The Gentleman Farmer's field and another burnt out on the picnic site so something has been going on up on the hill.

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  1. Third attempt to leave a will have to believe me that the first 2 were witty...but I'm losing the will!

    Anyway we all have bad hair days...just leave the camera at home...and pretend they look perfect everyday!