Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Trip Out

We went out for the day today. 

We were a bit in two minds about it as  I still haven't found the forks and we only have 3 plates and 1 tea towel but we decided it would be worth a trip out so off we went to Longthorns Farm Alpaca Open Day - it was actually an open weekend so we missed day 1.  Wendy Billington, the Australian breeder and judge, did an excellent talk and there was lots of hands on looking at fleece - both on and off animals.  Thoroughly enjoyable and a great learning experience.  At the end we had to rush away as The Shepherd was bringing the ram - by the time we got back the ram was already in place and had served Stumpy who is now covered in red from the raddle.

Now I am off to unpack  box or two and find the camera card! - - and attempt to stop the cats climbing the Yucca plant in an escape bid.

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