Tuesday 26 July 2011

Yipee Yi Hay!

Not sure about that blog title but I know what I mean!!

Okay, I did have a major disaster this morning which sent my stress levels sky high but other than that it has been a good day - and interesting!

I achieved one of my life time ambitions, almost, this morning - courtesy of The Grey Haired Neighbour and Alf who presented me with the most wonderful purple cowboy hat for my birthday (you won't remeber but I did mention on a previous blog my dream of strutting in tight shorts, stilletoes and a stetson pointing to fabulous lustre crimp . . . )!  I duly went out amongst the alpacas in my shorts (tight due to weight gain not fashion and rather like Eric Morecambe in that they are billowing in the leg region) and stilettos (not easy with a strained ankle!) and posed and pointed happily.  I felt rather like Kate Moss and in my head that was what I looked like!  Sam was on paparazzi duty and we rushed back to view the results.  Oh dear!!  My bottom is far larger than I thought - as are my legs and we won't mention the size of my bust!  Many photos have been rejected by Carl including Sam's favourite shot where I look like I have been caught short!  This is marginally the best, not very flattering but who cares!!

We then had a surprise visit from a fellow alpaca keeper, luckily I had removed my finery by then (although I still had my shorts on which can't have been pleasant for her).  We also got the hay woofled, topped roadside and I went shopping.


  1. Oh! My goodness.....I'll never get to sleep to-night now......! :).

    That's you on the right...Rosemary....!

    Think you had a great day, by the sounds of it....
    AND...A Very Happy...Happy Burfday......! :0).

  2. You look great! Hope you have had a fantastic 21st birthday...is the bottle open yet or has it all disappeared?!

  3. Happy Birthday Rosemary...good legs gal!

  4. Happy Birthday Rosemary ! From what I can see ....you're looking good girl.....after all...it could be worse...you could be wearing my overall...!!....we are two glamour pusses !!.........Jayne