Sunday 24 July 2011

Dude goes Mobile

Well first, it has been pointed out to me that the photo of me and Bert's baby was not of me and Bert's baby - I uploaded the wrong one and didn't check words and text matched - sorry!

Today was Dude's first time on a mobile mating.  Now what I would like to say next was what a wonderful, calm and impressive experience this was.  I would like to tell you how we loaded Dude into his sign written, air conditioned alpaca van.  How we arrived dead on time and led a strutting Dude calmly to the specially prepared mating pen.  How we stood and supped coffee whilst Dude muttered sweet nothings into the receptive females ear. . . . well it wasn't quite like that!

Firstly, we led Dude, quite happily, all going swimmingly so far, into the old stock trailer.  We trundled up the field, over the disinfectant mats and I thought I would just check him whilst locking the gate - only to remember I hadn't fed Trouble.  Bottle was all ready in the truck so a quick divert to feed and then we were off, almost, on getting back in the truck I discovered one of the magnetic signs had fallen off in the grass - quickly that was reaffixed and finally we were underway - 10 minutes late by now.  A few heavy going hills and we finally arrived 15 minutes late.  Not as professional as we hoped but okay.  Our destination was Ashton Lane Alpacas and Carol and Peter had everything set up and waiting - including coffee and biscuits.  Dude came out of the stock trailer beautifully - still going well!  Then Dude decided he was not going to walk nicely on his lead where he had a very receptive female sitting ready for him.  We pushed, we pulled, we did our 'ratchet, ratchet, ratchet' and Dude was just so embarrassing - dancing around like a circus pony .  Once he was finally in with his female he was more interested in gazing round and looking at the views.  At this point I felt like a Hamlet cigar was called for - then suddenly there was a bit of bottom sniffing and he was away.  Thank goodness - until . . . Carl in his wisdom decided to climb out of the specially erected pen to go and have a coffee - kicking over a barrier with a  great clank as he went and making Dude jump!  I gave Carl a serious look which Dude must have caught a glimpse of as he was back on and away again.

Not the smoothest start for Dude but we got there in the end.  He's got another to do on Wednesday so I am hoping that is a slicker operation!  Some serious halter training now required!!

This afternoon was baby weighing and redoing Tilbo's leg.  This meant getting the girls and babies down to the barn and disturbing the babies from their favourite spot - the rolling pit - where sometimes they all manage to squash in!

Getting them down to the barn is no problem - getting Bertie back into the field is seriously time consuming.  She drops like a stone if you touch her  and has always been very keen on nibbling hedges, which there are many of in the runway!


  1. The babies are looking lovely ! Im sure things will be much more relaxed for the next romantic encounter.....!! Jayne

  2. Hey that was impressive...we were an hour an half late for our mobile matings today!

  3. Dude has clearly decided that "love is not to rushed!" He wants to get the most out of his outings so maybe the equivalent of that "Hamlet moment" ...carrot moment??! Good luck Dude on your next excursion! (Seem to have lost your blog from my list...must get the "technician" onto the case so that I don't miss the next adventure!!)