Friday 8 July 2011

Disaster - Tilbo

Went over this morning to find a severally leaking field shelter full of drenched alpacas and a badly limping Tilbo.  I checked over Tilbo and it didn't look good to me so decided to keep and eye whilst we attempted to get a tarpaulin over the field shelter - not easy in high winds.  Tilbo hadn't shown any improvement by the time the shelter was made leak proof and he was struggling to kush so the vet was called.  As I suspected - he has broken his leg.  The vet decided to splint in rather than use a cast so we spent a little time looking for something to use as a splint.  In the end Sam had to sacrifice his dingy paddle - well, there is not much water up here!  He sawed it up to make a nice leg shaped piece and this has been padded and strapped on.  Tilbo now looks as if he has a wooden leg and really needs renaming Long John Silver.  We have to change and check in 10 days time so fingers crossed.


  1. Poor Tilbo, I hope it mend very soon


  2. Poor little man, hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  3. We also had a broken leg here. The vet wrapped the leg in surgical gauze then bound a piece of plastic drain spouting to it. Kept on for 6 weeks. It worked really well.

  4. Poor little Tilbo...give him an extra big hug from us at la Grand-Mere...was going to add a carrot too but he's probably not quite ready for gourmet dining yet! We're rooting for him.

  5. Hope Tilbo is improving. Poor baby.