Thursday 30 July 2015

Quite correct Judi!

Yep!  Next one is a girl, Judi and an lovely white suri I am so excited about!  Pictorial bog today
Time for a coffee and a piece of cake I think!

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Cria number 2

Another exciting day here!  Checked the girls first thing then went to do the sheep and then to the bank (never really feel comfortable going to see the bank manager!).  I should have then gone straight to Mother and the library van but I felt I should check on the girl's first - and glad I am that I did!  Bianca was lying on her side looking very uncomfortable and within a minute or two something was obviously happening.

Things progressed well and we finally had one and a half legs, head and neck - then Bianca discovered a very tasty piece of shrubbery and decided that was far more important than giving birth.  The poor cria was waving around out of her back end - looking about and making running movements with his one and a half legs!  I gave him a helping hand whilst Bianca continued her gourmet feast and one little boy entered the world.  He is a few days short of 11 months and probably a wee bit premature but he is fine and very lively - I think he will be one that drinks as much as Bianca eats - he is sucking well and frequently!

Flem's cria is growing well but always drinks from behind her!
And now I desperately want to finish a second suri scarf I am knitting as a very talented lady has made me the most beautiful knitted flowers and I really want to make a hat to sew them on to!

Saturday 25 July 2015

First cria!

This is going to be quite a quick blog as I have a date with a Foot Spa shortly!  I have had a lovely birthday which started yesterday with a lovely floral extravaganza from Sam and Kristy followed by the most delicious cake from the GHN and the Knight in Shining Armour (I feel it was not the knight who baked such a feather light sponge!).  Then, this morning, I woke with a feeling I just had to get up instead of waiting for Carl to arise and bring me tea and toast in bed - very glad I did as our first new arrival was on his way out.  Already sadly troubled by flies.

A lovely little fawn boy from Flem (okay I would have liked a girl to start me off but Flem is such a lovely mother and the cria is so sweet - who cares?!)  With all that it was after lunch before I opened all my presents and cards - which is where the foot spa comes in as I have been having very sore feet and Mother gave me a massaging Foot Spa which is what I shall be using shortly!

Carl said he wanted to take me out for dinner which would have been lovely until I realised what he meant was he was going to take me to the shops to buy dinner which I was then going to cook myself!

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Births soon!

As The Sun would say, "Phew what a scorcher!"  Wind keeps getting up and sky clouds over a bit but still no rain worth mentioning.  We need rain to get the grass going!  Of course the other week we were not wanting rain due to the hay but that is now all done and safely in.

We are now looking forward to some alpaca births and some look pretty near.

String is one I am really not sure about.  She is not at all big but she looks a bit open at the back end and a couple of days ago she was asleep with her tail flipped up and I saw a big glob of white thick stuff come out.  She is pretty lively and friendly and should be 11 months next week so it doesn't seem likely - time will tell!  Only got a head shot of her so you can't see her size in this photo.
Lambs are all weaned now and lots have become super friendly which is not good for my emotions!  Even the small last born blacks are beginning to come on now - just need that rain for the grass!

Friday 10 July 2015

Part missing

Carl left for work this morning after issuing me with strict and slightly panicky instructions that I MUST find the front of the tractor before he returned this evening.  He had been woofling third field last night and when he parked up he discovered that he had somehow lost the front metal bar and both head lights - how that is possible I do not know, or how he did not notice earlier.  I walked all round the field and still have not discovered it.  He is having to woofle very carefully tonight or we will end up baling it tomorrow!

I am now starting to get my birthing stuff ready for the alpacas as they come into their birthing window in less than two weeks.  Zara is highly uncomfortable in addition to being pestered by flies
Cassie looks huge
And Bianca - well!  Sam sheared her and appears to have given her a beard!
I think, though, it will be Belinda or Flem who are first.  I forgot to take photos of them.

Before the alpaca births start I am hoping to sort out the lambs and, maybe, take some to market.  Hope these two are not heavy enough as they are too cute!