Monday 31 October 2011

This is no ordinary drama, this is an Aylett drama

WELL!  I would love to tell you all what is going on here - but I am afraid I can't!  Suffice to say it is a bit of a nightmare.  Jeff posted a comment asking how I coped and I have to say I am about to not cope terribly well!

Today started well with the rounds of the animals, all fine, and a chat with The Somerset weather woman (the other day I told her I was going to do some poo picking and she told me to hurry up as it would rain at 3pm - I pottered on, lovely sunny weather, and dead on 3pm the clouds opened!).  I cleaned all kitchen cupboard and stacked up the rest of the stuff to move - then things began to go horribly wrong!

At that point I gave up on the house and went to see the animals who were all wet and dirty, but quite content.
The dog and cats are the ones who are getting most concerned.  Amber, the dog, is constantly shaking and the cats spend their time looking out the window but not actually going out.

Thursday 27 October 2011

I know, I'm moaning!!!

Life is a little frustrating at the moment and I feel like having a major tantrum - plotting evil revenges and generally being horrible - but no, despite the rain I shall write this and go and commune with soggy alpacas for the rest of the afternoon in order to get a little PEACE!!!!!

Just an update on what is happening here first -
1.  Aunty Islay is turning into a monster.  I remember this happened last year with Greeves when she suddenly decided Greeves was her baby and no one else was allowed near him!  Yesterday she decided to do the same with Trouble, my little bottle fed.  When I went to feed her yesterday afternoon she charged over, ears back and actually spat at me!  I had to retreat and feed her through the fence.  I am going to have to remove some of the babies early - not that it matters much with Trouble.
2.  The camera has been packed and I cannot find it - so no photos again.
3.  My charitable giving hit an all time low when I accidentally donated to   the wrong website and not only can I not get it back (understandable and fair enough) but the website it went to was incredibly rude and obnoxious.  I have now given up trying to sort that one out and will have to redonate directly and not through the Just Giving website once my next animals sale goes through.
4.  Sam's moped would not run right so we ended up buying him another and today - his first day going to work on it - it would not start!!
5.  Somehow I have succeeded in packing the password to the website - which I cannot remember - and I cannot log on to change and update (plus the shop has disappeared).
6.  Sadly, I have not lost the iron nor the hoover not the floor mop.
7.  BT have no problem switching the line and the broadband is no problem to reactivate in the new house - what is a problem is the timescale which is indeterminate.  So, at some point, there may be a break in the blog due to a lack of connectivity.  And if I don't answer emails for a day or two that will be why.
7.  Mostly everything else is now packed.  Even Sam's room shows some sort of order and the carpet is clear- which is a first.

So, all in all everything is going as well as can be expected just longing for the new stage of our lives to begin, whatever that new stage might be!!

Sunday 23 October 2011

Shed Clearing

Firstly, sorry for no photos - I have misplaced the camera.  We had a major attempt to finish clearing Carl's shed - and it is very difficult.  He refuses to throw anything away - old bits of pipe, planks of wood, rusty screws, parts for bikes he sold years ago, an old tractor seat, carpet from two houses ago - all will, apparently, come in useful one day.  It shows how often he actually looks at half of it as there were three full bottles of Stella Artois in one of his tool chests.

I sloped off with Sam and did a bit of body scoring and a surprise mating to a female I thought was definitely pregnant with a boy I hadn't used before - we'll see next year!

The sheep are waiting for the arrival of The Shepherd's ram.  He is down in the village at the moment but should be up soon.  Sam has, I think, agreed to give me one of his black ewes in exchange for all the looking after while he is now at work.  I am torn between number 6, number 8 and number 32 - all of whom are super friendly and like a little back scratch and a bit of hand feeding.  I am hoping to find a few more Southdowns to swell numbers but The Shepherd is having a job locating any for me at the moment.

I also did a good bit of poo picking - the poo picker is holding on with the aid of a bit of tape. I was a bit shocked to hear the price of new pipes so am trying to make this last as long as possible.

After all the activity we went to Mum's for dinner this evening and head the most superb bit of beef I have had for a long time.  It came from The Gentleman Farmer and was very tender.

Thursday 20 October 2011

A Day Of Firsts

A day of firsts today -

I managed to work out why the Poo Picker was not picking up as well as it should with no assistance - split in the pipe.

Harry ate out of my hand for the first time - until Spike chased him away.

Sam went of to work on his moped for the first time - then he came back 5 minutes later as it still was not running right!

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Sleepy cat

Not a great deal to say today and I nearly didn't blog but I don't fancy anymore boxes tonight and Cruella has taken over so I thought I might as well!
I poo collected amidst showers of hail - it has certainly turned colder (hope it's better up with you, Debbie!).  Trouble has gone off her bottle and hardly had anything today.  I have a feeling my coat may not have helped, she is not used to me wearing a oat and I think it put her off a bit.  Tomorrow the coat will have to come off for feeding.

Sam's moped has finally been mended and he has tried it out tonight.  He drove up through Delcombe and then down to the garage for fuel (I think he felt pretty proud of himself!).  Tomorrow he rides it to work for the first time and he has strict instructions to text me when he gets there!

Sunday 16 October 2011

Killing ropes

A very nice day here, if a bit hectic.  First thing it was off to pay a visit to help with some toenails and a bit of handling where we met a couple of very sweet cria including a lovely black boy with a great fleece.  It was then a rush back to take Sam over to Milborne.  Whilst we are out, Sam had filled the bowser for me as it had got very low.  Despite the time of year the girls are still enjoying paddling with Bert and Lina being the worst.
Lina has been one extremely stroppy alpaca today and all because I wanted to weigh little Axle.  I didn't want to get them all down to the barn so Carl and I used the rope to take them into a corner and then catch Axle - Lina screeched and leapt around and then when Carl put the coil of rope on the ground while he went to fix the hayrack (which Sherbert had loosened by rubbing on it yesterday), she attacked the rope!  She pounced on it, kicked it, spat at it, knelt on it - shame I didn't have a camera!

Saturday 15 October 2011

Trouble for Zara

If another fly buzzes me whilst I am sitting here I shall scream!  I am having terrible fly problems - they are everywhere and they hide in the curtains - buzzing out at me when I am unprepared.  I have even resorted to those old fashioned fly strips which remind me of going to Nan's where she had them hanging in the kitchen.

Zara has been in big trouble this afternoon and I have had to have a serious discussion with her.  She feels the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and leans through to eat.
She has started leaning further and further out and finally snapped the staples of not one, but two posts.  This then meant I had to grub around in the grass for ages to find the staples which seem very illusive once they drop.
The slink was doing her own version of eating through the fence but, for her, it just seemed to involve stretching her tongue through.
Yossarian has been conducting his own spit off tests with everyone.

Here he is - just a few seconds before Little Star finally got fed up with him and covered him with green spit!

Very warm again today which has really worn the babies out.

Tilbo at the back and one of the Dudettes at the front.

This evening both Carl and Sam are worm out as they have been beating for the shoot.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Making the most of it!

Another warm today - in fact it was positively warm at times.  The alpacas were sunbathing, snoring and sleeping - I felt I should be as well, but I was tied to the telephone attempting essential but frustrating phone calls.  Cruella, the black and white cat, has spent most of her time staring intently at a piece of hedge.  There is obviously something there that she is desperately keen to get hold of!

The flies have been bad today - not on the animals but on every shiny white surface, particularly tacky PVC conservatories!  Must be the unseasonable warmth waking them up.

It was an early start this morning as Sam had to be at work by 7.30am which means we had to set off just before 7am as he was getting twitchy.  I think the part for his moped may arrive tomorrow so he might be mobile next week.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Feeding Frenzy

Still windy and a bit chilly but not really October weather here.  The grass is still looking good - despite a few persistent docks and thistles.
Dude is much happier now he is back in end paddock.  He likes to be high enough to look down on everyone else!
He just dashes down when he wants his tea - something which didn't go quite to plan last night.  I fed Dude and then went to feed the boys who were very excited and rushed to the gate by Dude's pen.  Normally I feed them at the other end near the girls and they give Dude a wide birth.  Last night they were so excited about their food they forgot he was there and Spike started eating from my hand - Dude charged over, screeching reared up at the fence and had a real funny 5 minutes!  As soon as I stopped feeding Spike he calmed down - strange!

Spent a frustrating day waiting for an important phone call that never came, knitting and communing with boxes!

Sunday 9 October 2011

Poor Flem and Cuddly Bert

A very busy day today!  I didn't manage to get any photos as the camera had run out of battery power - so here is one from last week!

Dylan with Harry and Greeves behind him
We had a lot of alpaca chores to catch up on so boxes had to wait.  Sam and Carl got all the sheep drenched with their wormer first thing (sorry, I have to confess I got up late!).  I was then supposed to take Sam over to Milborne Port - but the car wouldn't start.  Investigation by Carl showed the problem was I had accidently knocked the fuel cut out thingy off whilst manically hoovering the car yesterday (a rare occurance).  Once that was sorted - took a while to sort out where the switch was - Sam got to Milborne Port!

We then did some, worming, vitamin Ds and lots of toenails and body scores.  The girls were not terribly well behaved which seems usual for them at this time of year - subsequent spit offs showed they may all be pregant which is good.  Bianaca spat like a demon so possibly the antibiotics etc have done the trick.  Very pleasingly (a phrase I hate as it was a favourite one with an Ofsted inspector I knew in a previous life!) Prue spat beautifully, as did Little Star so might be the patter of little Jed feet next year!  In fact everyone spat - even Bert.  Bert was the only impeccably behaved alpaca for foot trimming and this is usually not the case.  Bert is lovely- until you try to pick up her feet.  She spits, sits, tucks her feet under her and screecehes - not to day!  She did not spit - she did sit but obligingly put her feet out - she moaned ecstatically when I tickled her under her chin, gave me a kiss and was generally lovely!  I fully expected her to drop like a stone for Dude - but no, she turned into a she monster when he got near!  Strange alpaca!

I am afraid Flem has a jaw abscess which I noticed as soon as I held her for Carl to do her feet.  It is very hard at the moment so we'll give her some antibiotics to start with and see if we can soften it up with something.  She hasn't lost weight or gone off her food but I need to get that sorted out.

Friday 7 October 2011

Axle - flowing freely again!

Thank you for the emails regarding Axle!
An enema seemed the best bet but that is not as simple as it sounds, never having administered an enema to anything - animal or human.  First I felt I needed a tube - hose pipe looked only suitable for a baby elephant, as did water pipe.  Then I found an old stomach tube kit in the back of the cupboard so decided that might be okay with a feeding bottle attached to put the fluid in - but what fluid?  Soapy water seemed the best choice but did I use Wrights Coal Tar, Estee Lauder or Bronnley?  In the end I felt washing up liquid might be best.  So, I went back to check email advise and noted the use of a syringe or the administration of Castor Oil.  Not having any Castor Oil to hand I went over with my made up kit and a syringe in case.  As I approached Axle was continuing to strain and as I got nearer he passed a little brick.  He then race up the top of the field with me in close pursuit, stopped and bit an other lovely normal poo!  Crisis over - my administrations not required - he has pooed normally for the rest of the day!

The cats have decided box packing is the most fun they have ever had.  Cruela is sleeping in a box of my most precious china while Little Wee is stalking everything else I pack!
And if you are wondering why I have a blue sheet and bits of alpaca all over the floor, it is because I am trying to sort fleece at the same time!

Thursday 6 October 2011

Axle's bottom problem!

The wind is still strong today with intermittent showers  - a real change from a few days ago.  I have started to worry about Axle, Lina's baby.  Yesterday he was straining quite a bit and not producing anything.  This morning he was still straining and by 10am a compact poo was beginning to emerge.  Like a small tortoise it continued to creep out with Axle straining, eating and walking around.  By 12 it was beginning to look most odd and Axle was beginning to walk oddly so I donned the rubber gloves and gave him a hand.  He looks a little better but I fear there is still more to come and it is not heading out easily!  If anyone has any suggestions on what to give him to soften it all up I would be grateful!
The poor little soul also has runny, sticky eyes which I think is due to the wind - I remember Greeves also had it when he was little.  As you can see he is still little, that is Tilbo behind him, but he will not have any bottle top up and, despite being small, he is nice and rounded on his back.
I am blogging early as we have a busy evening which involves boxes of various descriptions!

Wednesday 5 October 2011


The weather is starting to turn a little here - it is very windy this evening and I am wearing a jumper for what feels like the first time in months.  It feels like we are waiting for something and I think the animals feel it too!
I can't believe it is almost time to get the ram again for the sheep.  We are having the Shepherd's old boy back again I am pleased to say - he did us proud this year.  I am not sure about Grace though.  She has recovered a well but her skin is still tender at the back and a crack has opened up at the top of one leg, I think I will see how she goes on over the next few weeks.

And I don't know what has got into Sapphire today - she has even been pronking with the babies, must be the wind I think!  She is the brown straight ahead at the back, not pronking in the photo - I couldn't catch that!
P.S. I have had a bit of trouble with the GWR show results and website but they are all up now and the link is -

Tuesday 4 October 2011


Well, no pictures today I am afraid as I just have run out of time.  I have been getting the GWR results onto the website which was a strange experience as the website disappeared for a while and then, very oddly, I kept being redirected to a different place - most intriguing!  Anyway I am nearly sorted although the pages currently appear to be in the wrong order but possibly not for much longer.
All this was interrupted by many wheeling dealing phone calls which I fear have come to naught but it was all very jolly, a trip out to view a couple of boxes (talking of boxes I now have a 'Box Buddy' which is something everyone who is moving should have!), packed the solitary cardboard box we possess.

Carl and Sam, are now removing a carburetter from an abandoned quad to put on Sam's moped which could mean he is soon fully mobile.  This will be a good thing as I am still taking him and collecting him which is a bi of a pain with baby feeding.  Not that I mind really as he is so keen to go to work (and is getting later and later getting home as he feeds the calves before he leaves and today was doing a bit of milking as well.  Ahh, I hear the revving of a moped!!

And thank you Judi for the plethora of comments!!

Monday 3 October 2011

Heatwave? In October?

It is so hot again today I can't believe it is October.  I have a plague of flies in the bedroom who seem to have set up home in the curtains, the milk has gone off where I forgot to put it in the fridge and I am constantly filling waters as if it were high summer.  The alpacas are quite lively despite the weather.  Alf has now settled in his separate pen and, apart from occasional posturing between him and Dude, calm now reigns.  The dust bowl is very popular, with someone always either lying in it, rolling in it or just standing in it.  Here is one of the Dudettes with Striker behind and little Axle right at the back.
Now it is Striker's turn to lie down while Yossarian, as usual, picks a fight in the background!

Finally, a bit of  rolling while Striker does a bit of standing - and Yossarian chases everyone else out of shot!
I have had to come in now to put things in boxes and make numerous phone calls so it is all go here!

Sunday 2 October 2011

GWR Part 2

Just a bit more on the GWR yesterday!  It was good fun and I learnt a lot from Dominic Lane's commentary as he judged.  I think the board at the back with samples of fleece Dominic had handed round was a good touch as it gave a chance to really view the fleece.

Andy wielded his Nanette with vigour at the start of the show (a strange thing with a weird aroma which Andy replaced carefully in it's box after each flourish) and was thanked profusely for his efforts by the judge at the end.  Dominic Lane was his usual suave self and coped with the two minor hiccups which occurred with excellent humour.

 I heard good reports on the yarn side of the show and saw the samples which were superb - but, sadly, I missed the actual judging due to needing to drink and sit down because of my feet (Carl said my sandals were too disreputable so I suffered all day in socks and shoes).  The heat meant we were flagging by the boxes by the end of the day but despite this clearing up went swiftly.

We were very pleased with our wins - a first for Lily, the suri, a first and white colour champion for Alf and (really exciting) a third for Little Star (Bert's baby - the bottle fed) and a first for Dylan (the brown).  I was going to put Alf's sash on him  but he has had a bad day and has ended up in solitary confinement.  His fighting has been getting worse since he started matings.  He used to fight Harry and Dylan but they didn't fight back much - Harry is a pacifist and Dylan is a lover not a fighter - but today he turned on Greeves.  Greeves looks cute and cuddly and smaller than  the others but he does not back down if anyone picks on him.  Alf is bigger and stronger and it was getting nasty with Alf on top of Greeves and shrieking from both of them.  This was stirring Dude up who was trying to beat the fence down with his front legs so enough was enough and Alf is now sulking and pacing!

Saturday 1 October 2011

The GWR Show

I  am tired and my feet hurt - but it has been a good day!  Today was the Great Western Region Alpaca Fleece and Yarn Show.  We were very busy with boxes and only managed brief conversations with people but I think they enjoyed themselves.  I will write properly tomorrow and tell you about the Supreme Champions (and our 4 rosettes!) but for today here are just a few photos before I go and eat crumpets!
Carl demonstrating the length of Lily's staples to Carol who does not look impressed

Part of the wall of fleece

Ashton Lane's stall with Irene and my stand at the back

Carol looking  very excitable - whether due to holding the fabulous supreme champion trophy , because Carl was poking her with the Nanette or due to something Dominic Lane had just said (he was remarkable) I am unsure!

The audience paying close attention

More news tomorrow!!