Friday 29 March 2013

Happy Easter to the Grave Digger!

I have been a bit behind with the blog lately - as the Grave Digger reminded me!  So a quick update is in order.  Not much to report on the alpaca front.  All are doing well but they could really do with more grass.  Luckily there is lots of hay left and they are making good use of that but I can't believe I am still breaking water twice a day.

Main  focus at the moment is the sheep as the first 10 could be due to lamb soon.  I am not totally sure when as they are new ones and I don't know when they were served.  The four new Welsh Mountains are nicely bagged up so may be Monday onwards.  The Romneys are also looking close.  They have masses of wool and it is hard to see their udders - it is also hard to get closer than six foot to four of them!   Two come down to the trough but the other four just stand at the highest point and stare at me.  I am very hopeful, however, that they will get better as the previously wild Scottish Black Faced are now much better - in fact one is positively tame and comes over to be stroked with a particular love of having her tummy rubbed!  Sorry about the quality of the pictures - taken on my phone - and I am not sure why we are standing at an angle!

 Last night I crept up the bank commando style and managed to get a glimpse of one Romney back end - and was a little worried as it looked suspiciously like a prolapse could be imminent.  I don't want to get them off the hill and down to the race before I have to as I don't like them running around too much when they are big so Sam came over this afternoon and we surprised one Romney at the trough and she has a big bag so tomorrow they will have to come down and the Romneys and four new BWM can go in the birthing paddock.  The prolapse hasn't progressed so spoon at the ready but not yet in use!

Over this weekend I hope to get some alpaca photos!

Wednesday 13 March 2013

The bird has flown!

Angry bird went away today - it had to really as I am powerless!  Never mind we push on (one day I will turn into a fighter, Mark!)

I was still a little grumpy this morning but this afternoon was so funny I cheered up immensely.  This blog is now about to show off my video taking skills (non existent).  The other day I noticed when Bianca yawned she had something which looked very much like fighting teeth so this afternoon Sam and I decided to have a good look.  Bianca is Sam's alpaca so he held her and stroked the side of her mouth and said,  "Show us your teeth, Bianca" and she did!  Not a one off because she did it several times.  By the time I had worked out how to operate the video I think Bianca was a bit bored so it is not quite so impressive but I thought it was funny!

This was the second attempt as the first was a masterpiece of incompetence but will show you how Sam and I really are when together in the field!!

Sam then went away in disgust to fix a new engine into his garden tractor.

He was very excited about this until he did a sharp turn and the bonnet flew off!

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Angry Bird

Well - very angry, spitting feathers actually - not sure about the bird bit though.

I am winding myself up into a fury and feel like an insignificant little person which is not a feeling I like.  I have been in this position before over a show which was a ground breaking idea but got ground down - now it is happening all over again and I don't like it.  I shall get over my George Orwell moment whilst cooking a lasagna (not sure if that should be an e on the end but the spell check says a) and then go back to doing what I am told but I don't like it one little bit.

It is very cold here but the snow did not materialise much which was not a bad thing.  So I am reverting to last summer pictures.
Tomorrow it is back to the hospital for Mother's appointment but Sam is off so he will be able to sort out the animals - hard work at the moment with all the hay required and the water constantly freezing.

Saturday 9 March 2013

Rushing around

Despite me hanging on to a horrible cold which prevents me from breathing or sleeping we have had a busy day.  Animals were fed and watered first thing.  I took three shearing bookings and committed to two talks ( hope I don't bore them all rigid!) whilst Carl put a new exhaust on my car.  Friday it was held together with all sorts and only just survived the day.  Carl then painted the bed of the Mule so it is ready to go back into action tomorrow - half of it is now the old Fiesta so not sure how long it will last.  Sam then returned from work and took me into Stur to get a bit of shopping for Mother then it was back to the field to attack topknots and administer vitamin D. Some were in real need of being able to see out!

 Sam took the photos and seems to want to do everything in close up.

 All went smoothly except Carl did get a bit annoyed with me when I forgot I was supposed to be holding them and started examining fleece instead.  (and it is not really that warm here - I am in just my T shirt as I was overheating, probably got a bit of a temperature from the cold I have!)

Then it was more feeding and clearing shelters followed by a bit of computer work and now I am about to sit down and look at what the weather has in store for us!

Sunday 3 March 2013

Getting over a cold

Thank you for your comments and emails - I am fine and only have a cold.  Mother is the one who is rather unwell but we start treatment next Wednesday and that is very positive.

Carl only catches up on my blog sometimes and yesterday when he read it he said I ought to make it clear who was ill, sorry for any confusion.

My cold prevented me from doing anything all day but Carl was on hand to sort out the animals - I just struggled up there in the evening to check on one of the sheep I am a little concerned about.  Today I felt much better and we went over to see the Rent boys and do their feet.  They love it where they are and are completely at home.  Feet were done with no struggle at all so we came back to check over the weanlings and a couple of the girls.  Next weekend we are really going to have to sort out a few topknots as several of them are peering through fleece!
Sam arrived and helped me get the sheep down so I could check the Chevvy who is breathing heavily.  We have gone for antibiotics in case it is pneumonia, twin lamb drench in case it is that and a wormer - hopefully, that lot will sort her out!  Sam then finished refurbishing his trailer.
Whilst Carl cut logs (pallet wood as we are out of logs)
and I sat and moaned that I wanted to go back to bed!