Monday 4 July 2011

What a surprise!

Yesterday I saw Lily rolling a lot but thought it was due to the flies bothering her.  This morning she was totally normal and as she was not 11 months until 26th July - a definite date as she was only mated once to Legacy from Ashton Lane.  So I focused on checking Bert and getting on with jobs - until precisely 11am when Lily calmly walked over to the poo spot, lay on her side and quickly pushed out a gorgeous little boy!  I say pushed out but actually, he crawled out on his knees, orgling on the way, at 11.30am!  In fact he orgled so loudly it got the boys stirred up and they went crazy fighting and jumping each other.  Easy,  peasy . . no, of course not!  Baby was obviously premature - unerupted incisors, down on pasterns, in fact it just could not stand.  By 2pm I was getting worried as despite holding him up he could not suck.  A tube of plasma was quickly defrosted and colostrum made up - still not feeding so he had those and it took until 4pm before I could get him sucking while I held him.  He has now got his coat on and is able to move around, very wobbly and he keeps rolling down the hill but he is feeding.  Lily is an excellent Mum, a maiden but she knows exactly what to do and makes no fuss when I hold him up.  He is a hefty chap for the time he was in there - 8kg. . . so here he is . . .

I will try for a better photo tomorrow - now I wonder who will be next!  It should be Bert, but who knows!!


  1. Well done Lily, I'm sure he'll soon get stronger.

    I'm just about to put the photo's on my blog you requested!!

  2. Wow....he's a beauty...what a chunky fella....Im keeping my fingers crossed.......all goes well ove rthe next few days....these babies....certainly know keep us busy .......Congratulations.....Jayne

  3. Well done Rosemary...great to have that plasma to hand...he is a whopper from being so prem. Congratulations!

  4. He does look a super chap, fingers crossed he will go from strength to strength.

    It never fails to amaze me how different they all are with their delivery dates and labour.


  5. Gosh, that's amazing. Welcome, little chap.
    Obviously heard how nice it is here, and couldn't wait!

  6. Well done having all you needed on hand, hope your second TLBO (?) continues to thrive!

    Gestation does seem to vary tremendously...I read blogs where folks are waiting for over a year, yet we have had 7 cria from 4 females all arriving before 340 days and Annabelle averages 327 and no premmies...and, we hope, none to come this year either!

  7. What a lovely colour - well done on your nursing skills. Looking good!