Thursday 7 July 2011

A few pictures

All  babies seem to be doing well now - despite horrendous rain last night.  Sam was so worried about Yossarian's coat staying on he was over the fields at 4am checking things out.  So, to update - first is Slinky who is exceedingly lively.

Next meet Westhill Pretty Cool or Sting for short (Can you work that one out?!) - named by the Wise One.

Then we have Tilbo who is always immaculate whatever the weather - he is also a terror, always trying to stir up everyone else!

And finally Yossarian, the suri, who is doing just fine!


  1. Sorry but it is Tilbo who looks 'pretty cool' to me!...The string bit is lost on me, have I not been paying attention?

  2. Sting - not String!!!
    Tilbo is lovely!

  3. You've got a collection of little beauties. Congratulations. Sting looks incredible.

  4. They're all gorgeous, it must feel good to have them here safely..we still have a few weeks to wait!