Sunday 3 July 2011

Day 2 of a busy weekend

With shearing out of the way, today it was getting the hay in from the top of second field.  The weather was perfect and we now have a barn stocked with 235 lovely smelling bales of fresh hay - just 10 acres to do and we will be finished!
The SAME was a pleasure to drive, the bailer did not have a single tantrum - after we had sorted out the twine, and Sam and I worked as a perfect team on bale gathering and stacking.  We made an elevator out of a ladder which helped enormously.
So, here we are packing up, job done!
No more babies yet.  Bert is the next on the list - any time now would be okay, except the longer she hangs on the better due to the bottle feeding involved!  She is still very scaly with scabby places but I was surprised when we sheared her that there is some re growth of hair on her tummy - in fact quite a lot seems to have grown back on her legs as well.  We used lots of different things on her but I think the last thing we used - Filta Bak - seems to be the one that has made the real difference.  It has taken a long time to grow through and we haven't applied more since last year but it must have been a help as nothing else made much difference.


  1. Phew...always good to get some hay in the barn...just another 10 acres!!

  2. Looks like the haymaking is going well! What is Filta Bak...can't find it on the Net at all and we have a skin problem with our little Button at the moment.

  3. As you say - just another 10 acres!!
    I'll get the details of the cream and email them to you tomorrow, Judi.