Monday 18 July 2011

Rabbit Holes

It's been a bit of and up and down time here.  Some people may have realised we have been attempting to sell our house and various things have conspired to make this difficult.  A visit to Stur late this afternoon and we set in motion some actions which we are very sad about but hopefully will be for the best.

When I got back I was not really concentrating when I went to feed Trouble and I ended up twisting my ankle in a rabbit hole.  This was very painful but I managed to crawl back to the barn to retrieve my phone and sent a series of frantic messages to Sam who was topping in second.  At the same time Dude was rearing up at the fence, desperate for Lily - I was shouting and waving an electric fence post furiously at him, to which he paid not a blind bit of notice.  Eventually Sam got the message and slowly appeared on the Fordson.  He helped me to the caravan where I reclined painfully, sending him to fetch coffee and fairy cakes (a bandage might have been more useful).  Unable to rise I remained there until Carl appeared and helped me back to the house.  I felt Sam had been helpful and concerned until I found the note he had left for his Dad -

Come to the caravan coz Mum is either dead or dieing and we need to get her out as she is starting to smell

Ah, well!  The ankle is now feeling better which is a good thing as Belinda looks mighty peculiar at the back end - a foot appears to be emerging under the skin at her bottom - either that or she needs a mighty big poo!!

I think tomorrow I would like a nice calm day.


  1. Oh do have my sympathy; awful decisions to make and a twisted ankle...but unfortunately Sam did make me laugh all the same...Sorry!

  2. Hope you're feeling better but I really think that you should sit with it raised for a few days; you could always knit to pass the time ;o) Sam's note was hilarious though xxx

  3. Good thinking regarding the fairy cakes - food always the best remedy for any problems!!

    Quick thinking on Sam's part - bound to get Carl's attention (hopefully)

    Don't overdo things.

  4. Poor least you had the comfort of the odd fairy cake or too......pitty the sympathy from Sam was short lived.....Im confident that things will all work out .....for you, life has a funny way of sorting things out.....have will be all worth while....honestly !.....and rest that ankle, mind you sounds like that baby is not going to be long !......Jayne

  5. Poor you................Don't you just hate those pesky rabbits!

  6. Oh dear, Rosemary. Might have known those stilettos were a bad idea.
    We've a spare zimmer here, if you feel the need.

  7. It sounds as if you should grab a comfy chair, bottle of wine, flask of coffee, a bit of knitting and sit in with those girls! It must be time for you to have a day off and ...well there's Belinda to watch! Carl and Sam can replenish your supplies with more fairy cakes when you ring for them! Hope today is a good day!